Installation from Sources

To install Liquidity from sources, you will need a working installation of OCaml with OPAM at least version 2.0.

As of Sept. 29, 2020, the following process should work:

  1. Checkout the Github repository:

    git clone
    cd liquidity
This command should create a liquidity directory with the next branch.
  1. Within the liquidity directory, the Dune Network sources in branch mainnet should be in a subdirectory dune-network. This can be achieved either with a symbolic link, or by checkouting the sources:

    make clone-dune-network
  2. Install Liquidity dependencies:

    make build-deps
  3. Build and install:

    make install
The last command should install the command liquidity in the OPAM switch liquidity.
  1. Run a simple test:

    (cd tests && liquidity test0.liq)
  2. Optionally, you can build some local documentation with sphinx and the Read-The-Docs theme (pip3 install sphinx-rtd-theme):

    make doc

    The documentation should then be available in docs/sphinx/Liquidity.pdf, docs/sphinx/Liquidity.epub and in the docs/sphinx/_site/ sub-directory for HTML.